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Pathfinder ethereal

Within the mists of the Ethereal Plane, warped, indistinct versions of locations overlap their Inner Sphere counterparts. This, coupled with the inherent weightlessness of creatures in the plane, makes it tempting to use the Ethereal Plane as a vantage to scout out unknown locales by passing through incorporeal walls and floating over traps with ease.

The natural denizens of the plane make this a frightful prospect, however, and ensure that most forays into the Ethereal Plane are brief endeavors. Among the deadliest of local hazards are the blood-red xill —warlike, plane-shifting outsiders who incubate their eggs in living mortals. Worse still, hideous, cackling night hags use the Ethereal Plane as a byway to the Dimension of Dreams, where they slip into nightmares to abduct mortal souls.

Some souls, freed from their physical bodies by death, remain tethered to the Ethereal Plane by profound emotional distress and cannot proceed along multiversal currents to join the River of Souls flowing inexorably toward the Boneyard until they sever the powerful emotional ties that bind them. Indeed, the longer these souls remain stalled on their afterlife journey, the closer they slide toward the Negative Energy Plane, and the more of their memories and personalities become subsumed by raw emotional distress and psychic damage.

These souls eventually manifest as incorporeal undead, frequently in the form of wraiths and spectres. Spiritualists call out to the spirits of the Ethereal Plane and open their physical minds as refuges for them to inhabit. With practice and the help of a trained spiritualist, a spirit can even take its own physical form on the neighboring planes by cloaking itself in a sheath of ectoplasm, the ghostly substance that acts as a veil between worlds.

These spirit guides are known as phantoms , and while they are loyal to the spiritualist to whom they are bound, the emotional connection to the Ethereal Plane remains strong, manifesting in jealousy and fiery outbursts from even the kindest of souls. The ethereal version of a physical location is informed not just by its actual dimensions and appearance, but also by the memories and impressions of the spirits that haunt it.

For example, on the Ethereal Plane, an old mansion might look as it did in the era of its ghostly inhabitants. If those spirits find final rest, their memories cannot sustain the structure, and it falls into an ethereal ruin. Some incorporeal spirits become so entwined with the emotional nature of the plane that they can manifest these ectoplasmic vistas in an overlapping location on a neighboring plane, temporarily cloaking it in a disturbing reflection of some past incarnation.

Although with blink maybe its an issue of keeping wording from previous editions? As far as i know blink has basically been described as doing the same thing since 1ed. You blink out to the ethereal plane and because you were not in the material plane when they swung they miss you. But if the mechanics behind ethereal or whatnot change without changing blink i can see that being an issue.

May 29, , am 1 person marked this as a favorite. No worries Mojorat. I know it is hard to understand how someone ie: me can fight so hard for something that he doesn't actually believe in. I compartmentalize very well so I play a pretty decent devil's advocate.

I compartmentalize so well in part because I practiced playing chess with myself while not letting myself know what myself was thinking. LOL And yes, that was screwed up wording on purpose. Then it actually comes up and we were all stumped. Eventually we came to the conclusion they are separate states

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