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Sports betting parlay cards

But it was his nice two- and three-teamers that got him "in" in the first place. Of course, you already knew all of this. But you do it anyway. This year, don't be Parlay Guy. Be the informed and disciplined straight bettor who sidesteps him before he can chew your ear. This is a great way to determine in advance if there is value in a parlay bet you are planning to make.

Are There Different Types of Parlays? In short, yes. Some sports books allow bettors to include different kinds of prop bets, half time wagers and sometimes even future bets. Depending on the type or parlay you make, the payout could be minimal or significant. A lot of things go into determining the odds, but the main thing you need to know is that not all sportsbooks offer up the same odds.

Generally speaking, no. Parlays are typically referred to as sucker bets and only attract people looking for one massive payout. The problem with parlays is that the more teams you add, the number of possible outcomes increases. For example, a three-team parlay bet has eight possible outcomes, where only one of those outcomes will make you a winner.

Parlay Cards A parlay card is essentially like a lottery ticket form you find at a corner store when you decide to play the Powerball and pick your own numbers. Parlay cards are typically a colored piece of paper at a sportsbook that lists all games and odds for you to choose from. The way you fill it out is rather quite simple. First, you check the box that states how many games your parlay card will be and then you mark each game you want to bet.

When you are done marking your card, you can bring it to the betting window and they will scan it and print you out a parlay ticket. To avoid being that person, use a parlay card. They make the process a lot simpler and much more time efficient. The wait times for lines at the betting window are long enough already, so by using the parlay card you will speed up the process for everyone involved.

Another benefit of using a parlay card is that the card will include all of the rules. The most important rule you need to understand is that books often deal with ties differently — some will count them as losses. Parlay card also include set odds for parlays of different sizes. Again, these odds can be slightly different between books, but for the most part look like this: 2 Team Parlay: 13 to 5 Odds 3 Team Parlay: 6 to 1 Odds 4 Team Parlay: 10 to 1 Odds 5 Team Parlay: 20 to 1 Odds But parlay cards can be dangerous.

The main goal of any sports bettor is to protect their bankroll and make wise investment decisions. The parlay card goes against that model as it makes it really easy to make a terrible bet. Sportsbooks make it as easy as possible for people to make these bets because they know over the long terms, this option provides solid cash intake.

And lastly, the parlay cards often offer odds that are much lower than the true odds. Most of the time, however, it's cut and dry: Check the odds, place your parlay bets and win them all or it results in a loss. Understanding Parlay Odds Not all parlay odds are the same.

A three-team parlay does not always give the same potential payout, and a four-team parlay could have better odds than a two-team parlay. It's also important to compare odds because different sportsbooks can give different odds on parlays. Payouts You've likely seen a bookmaker like DraftKings Arizona post to social media a bettor who won a massive parlay with incredibly unlikely odds. While a parlay bet often has lucrative odds given the nature of every bet needing to be a winner, it's possible to build a parlay that still has shorter odds and a better chance of winning.

Consider a parlay that includes the Phoenix Suns as favorites, the Clippers as favorites, and the Lakers as favorites. Types of Parlay Bets in Arizona There are a handful of ways to bet parlays beyond the traditional parlay. We'll go over some of the most common forms of parlays, how to bet them and how to find the best Arizona sports odds within them. Round Robin A round robin parlay consists of miniature parlays within the games a bettor has selected.

For example, in a three-team parlay scenario, a bettor handicapping games could choose the Lakers -4, the Suns -6 and the Clippers A round robin bet would then create three different mini-parlays Lakers and Suns; Suns and Clippers; Lakers and Clippers that allow bettors to still win if one of their teams fails to cover.

So, if the Lakers did not cover but the Suns and Clippers did, a bettor would still win the Suns-Clippers combo of the round robin. Teaser Teaser bets are a type of parlay that involves buying a specific number of points for each of the separate bets within the parlay. For example, consider a three-team parlay that includes a four-point teaser.

In that scenario, a bettor would receive four extra points on every point spread in which they selected the underdog or four fewer points on every point spread in which they selected the favorite. For example, with a four-point NFL teaser, the Cardinals You get better odds on each game in exchange for a lower payout with a teaser bet.

Parlay Cards A parlay card is a way to create a parlay inside a physical sports betting shop. Bettors can take a parlay card for a specific game and punch holes next to the individual point spread bets or moneyline bets they want to combine. Online books offer these "parlay cards" in the form of betslips that populate automatically and can include different games, sports and leagues.

There was a time when only certain kinds of bets could be included parlays. And while it's still not possible to put every kind of bet into a parlay, sportsbooks are offering plenty more options - and that list is only growing. Point spreads, moneylines and totals are always options for parlays, with sportsbooks starting to allow same-game parlays in which bettors can place multiple bets from the same game.

Some Arizona sports betting sites will allow for player and team props to be included in parlays, while others also include futures bets. Pros and Cons of Parlays The pros and cons of playing parlays are simple. Parlay odds can be incredibly lucrative because of the difficulty in winning them, which is an obvious con.

Another con from an experience standpoint is that if the first bet of your parlay loses, the rest of the legs are rendered meaningless unless you're doing a round robin. This can mean a quick loss with little to show for it. On the flip side, a pro of a parlay is that if all but the last of your legs have hit, bettors often can cash out early for a certain percentage of the full payout or hedge their bet by betting a certain portion of the would-be payout on the other side of the bet.

Parlay betting is difficult. There really is no other way to put it. That's not to say you shouldn't place a parlay bet but understanding them is critical. Yes, a team parlay creates ridiculous odds that could produce life-changing money, but the chances of hitting on it are slim-to-none. As is the case with most betting, do your research, shop for the best odds from legal sites, be realistic about what you stand to win and what you could potentially lose and understand what needs to happen to earn that potential payout.

Parlay Betting Tips While most operators will automatically update odds as bettors build their parlay, using a parlay calculator can be helpful when planning to place your bet. It's also important to be realistic about what's attainable in a parlay.

Have fun by building out a ridiculously complex and unlikely parlay, but only toss a few dollars on it.

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An example Say the Eagles are 6. If you choose the Eagles, they must win by 7 points to cover. If you choose the Cowboys, they must win or lose by less than 7 to cover. If you choose the Over, the total combined score of both teams must be at least If you choose the Under, the total combined score must be 48 or less. The odds are the same for the entire season. Here were the odds for the school year: 3 choices: 6.

Enter your email below to get it delivered straight to your inbox. Email Submit Teaser Parlay Card Yellow Teasers still allow you to bet point spread and game totals for football games, but the lines are adjusted by 5 to 7 points in your favor. The trade-off for more favorable odds is that you get worse odds. The same example as above with a 6 point tease Instead of the Eagles being 6. Instead of the total being If you choose the Eagles, they must win to cover since you can only win by 1 point.

If you choose the Cowboys, they must win or lose by less than 13 to cover. Printed point spreads at the time the wager is accepted are used in the determination of winners, losers and ties. Cards must have three team minimum otherwise wager is void and money will be returned. Tickets must have a minimum of three valid propositions in action or wager is void and money will be returned. Printed point spreads at the time the wager is accepted are used in the determination of winners and losers.

Pros And Cons Pros Winning parlay card payouts are much higher than separate straight bets. Parlay cards are conveniently found at most Las Vegas sportsbooks. Smaller outfits may offer better payouts than popular tourist destinations. Mail winning ticket stubs to the sportsbook to collect payment by mail. Online sportsbooks will credit your account with the winning payout. Small minimum bets are ideal for novice bettors.

Cons Parlay cards are subject to more risk and variance than separate straight bets. One losing selection ruins the entire card. Parlay cards are printed before sharp money comes in. You must retain the parlay card stub or receipt in order to collect your winnings. Registered mail fees will cut into a modest parlay card payout. Parlay cards are generally considered a losing bet with rare exceptions. Some sportsbooks offer a reduced payout even if one selection loses.

Player must make at least 10 selections to qualify 9 of 10 Special. Look for key numbers 3 and 7. Suppose the New York Giants are 3 pt favorites vs.

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Registered mail fees will cut into a modest parlay card payout. Parlay cards are generally considered a losing bet with rare exceptions. Some sportsbooks offer a reduced payout even if one selection loses. Player must make at least 10 selections to qualify 9 of 10 Special. Look for key numbers 3 and 7. Suppose the New York Giants are 3 pt favorites vs. If the parlay card has a 2. If the card has a 3.

Make 5 or Less Selections Keep parlay cards to 5 selections or less. Carefully Fill Out the Card Carefully bubble in your card before submitting it. Each invalid selection will reduce the total selections by 1. A small mistake could substantially reduce your potential winnings. Combine spreads and totals if possible. Parlay Card Betting History Parlay card betting preceded modern parlay sports betting.

These cards began surfacing in the USA during the late s as sporting leagues organized. They were commonly found at early baseball games and bars adjacent to ballfields. The Progressive Movement of the early s initially stunted the spread of parlay card betting.

But the arrival of the roaring s, professional football, and better organized gambling syndicates brought them back. Nevada was the first state to fully legalize casino gambling in Despite this change, sports betting remained in the shadows.

If you have five teams, you multiply. This yields a hefty The house advantage on a straight bet is 4. One other thing to look for with parlay cards is how the payouts are listed. One four-team parlay states the payout is to-1, while another lists it as for A two-team parlay on a pair of moneyline favorites pays less than a two-team parlay that uses a pair of moneyline favorites.

In simple terms, moneyline parlays take the amount of your bet and place all the money on one team; if that team wins, your bet amount is recalculated to place the new entire wager on second team. If you bet more than two teams in your parlay, the process keeps repeating until you lose one game or win all the games in your parlay.

The difference in the payoff is because the Angels were an underdog and not given very good odds of winning. Calculating moneyline parlay payouts is a fairly easy task, but does require a little basic math.

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