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Close all order forex arobase design communication betting online

Close all order forex

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You achieve that with a rather simple piece of MQL4 code. You have probably already read our guide on OrderClose function , which can close an individual order. Below we want to show you how to use it to close all orders with a custom function. Using a loop, scan all the orders.

If the order is open, then get the details. Close the order using the correct price. Check if the operation was successful for each order and, in case it wasn't, return an error. Possible Improvements The function is not very complex and it can be improved with additional filters. For example, you might want to apply some of the following filters: Close only orders in profit. Close only orders in loss. Close only orders for a specific pair.

Close only orders with a specific magic number. Other filters. The above function is used many of our expert advisors. Close All Orders Script If you want to close all orders in MT4, you need to do it manually, unless you use an external tool. Unfortunately, MT4 does not allow selecting all open orders and closing them all at once.

But there is a solution! You can either code your own script using the function above as a template or you can use a ready-made tool. Are you ready to base your strategy based on luck? With one click of a button, all of your positions get closed. The chances of price running away from you become very slim.

Another instance is when you are trying to execute a multiple profit-taking strategy. During normal price behavior, you plan to exit manually, depending on what triggers you may have. However, the price suddenly spiked in your favor, and you know that if you execute your usual profit-taking strategy, you will leave money on the table.

Hence, hit that Close All Orders script instantly and secure all the profits of your positively. Conclusion At the very least, MQL4 Close All Orders makes it convenient to close all your positions with a single click of a button or specific trigger.