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Bitcoins wikileaks osama cryptocurrencies are they regulated

Bitcoins wikileaks osama

Prosecutors have alleged that Manning, without authorization while on intelligence duty, disclosed hundreds of thousands of U. WikiLeaks has never confirmed Manning was the source of any documents it released. Assange has spent nearly six months in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London, where he sought refuge to avoid extradition to Sweden for questioning in a sexual molestation case.

Assange and his supporters have said the Swedish case against him could be part of a secret plot to have him shipped for trial to the United States and either executed or imprisoned at the U. But they have acknowledged a federal grand jury in Alexandria, Virginia, has been collecting evidence about WikiLeaks. Following the breach, Facebook locked the accounts of all users who had used the published e-mail addresses, and also blocked new Facebook accounts opened using the leaked e-mail addresses, fearing that users of the site would get hacked after LulzSec encouraged people to try and see if these people used identical user name and password combinations on Facebook as well.

We've had all of your Brink users for weeks, Please fix your junk, thanks! Most of the takedowns were performed with distributed denial-of-service attacks. They claimed, "Heroes of Newerth master login server is down. They need some treatment. Also, DotA is better. Some reported gaining access to Facebook accounts and changing images to sexual content and others to using the Amazon.

LulzSec posted: It has come to our unfortunate attention that NATO and our good friend Barrack Osama-Llama 24th-century Obama [sic] have recently upped the stakes with regard to hacking. They now treat hacking as an act of war. So, we just hacked an FBI affiliated website Infragard, specifically the Atlanta chapter and leaked its user base. We also took complete control over the site and defaced it[.

LulzSec stated that they did not intend to exploit this vulnerability, saying in the email that "We mean you no harm and only want to help you fix your tech issues. LulzSec stated, "This is a small, just-for-kicks release of some internal data from senate. No highly sensitive information appears in the release. The websites for the Bank of Portugal , the Assembly of the Republic , and the Ministry of Economy, Innovation and Development all became unavailable for a few hours.

They encouraged supporters to steal and publish classified government information from any source while leaving the term "AntiSec" as evidence of their intrusion. Also listed as potential targets were major banks. LulzSec claimed to have taken the website offline at about 11 am EST on 20 June , though it only remained down for a few minutes.

They also claimed that the two had leaked information that aided authorities in locating and arresting Ryan Cleary, a man loosely affiliated with the group. Both had been involved with cyber-crimes in the past, and one had been involved with hacking the game Deus Ex. Numerous beachfronts in Mission Beach, San Diego were vandalized with the phrase. Many commenters on the local news websites corrected this. The leaked items included email addresses and passwords, as well as hundreds of documents marked "sensitive" or "for official use only".

LulzSec claimed that this was in protest of the law passed in Arizona requiring some aliens to carry registration documents at all times. Petrobras denied that any data had been stolen, and LulzSecBrazil removed the information from their Twitter feed a few hours later. The release contained an enormous amount of information from various sources. Also included were an internal manual for AOL engineering staff and a screencapture of a vandalized page from navy.

The hacked website also contained a webcomic depicting LulzSec deciding on and carrying out the attack. News International released a statement regarding the attacks before having the page the statement appeared on also redirected to the LulzSec Twitter page and eventually taken offline. The group also released the names and phone numbers of a reporter for The Sun and two others associated with the newspaper and encouraged their supporters to call them.

In recent times NovaCygni of AntiSec has openly touted that the news channel Russian Television RT has openly stated support for the Anonymous movement and that at least one reporter for them is an active member of Anonymous. They further included an old email address and password of former News International executive Rebekah Brooks. On 21 June, someone claiming to be from the group posted on Pastebin that they had stolen the entire database of the United Kingdom Census LulzSec responded by saying that they had obtained no such data and that whoever posted the notice was not from the group.

British officials said they were investigating the incident, but have found no evidence that any databases had been compromised or any information taken. The newspaper's website and a computer used in the publishing process of The Times were attacked.

Hacker actions against LulzSec A number of different hackers have targeted LulzSec and its members in response to their activities. On 23 June , Fox News reported that rival hacker group TeaMp0isoN were responsible for outing web designer Sven Slootweg, who they said used the online nickname Joepie91, [] and that they have intentions to do the same with every member.

They attempted to publicly identify the online and real world identities of LulzSec leadership and claimed to do so on behalf of the group's victims. A rival hacker going by the name of TriCk also claimed to be working to reveal the group's identities and claimed that efforts on the part of rival hackers had pushed the group to disband for fear of being caught. They also questioned him regarding an attack on the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry in November He was diagnosed the previous week with Asperger syndrome.

Authorities interviewed her for five hours and confiscated her hard drives, camera, and other electronic equipment, but no charges were filed. Bailey denied being a member of the group, but admitted chatting with members of LulzSec online and later leaking those chats. The local media connected the raid to the LulzSec investigation; however, the warrant was sealed, the name of the target was not revealed, and the FBI office in Cincinnati refused to comment on any possible connection between the group and the raid.

A year-old male was arrested in South London on charges of violating the Computer Misuse Act, as part of an operation involving the arrest of several other hackers affiliated with Anonymous in the United States and United Kingdom. They also searched the house of a year-old from Lincolnshire possibly connected to the investigation, interviewing him. He was charged with unauthorized access of a computer under the Computer Misuse Act , encouraging or assisting criminal activity under the Serious Crime Act , conspiracy to launch a denial-of-service attack against the Serious Organised Crime Unit contrary to the Criminal Law Act , and criminal conspiracy also under the Criminal Law Act Details relating to an attack on Sony and hundreds of thousands of email addresses and passwords were found on the computer.

His lawyer Gideon Cammerman stated that, while his client did help publicize LulzSec and Anonymous attacks, he lacked the technical skills to have been anything but a sympathizer. Police arrested a year-old male in Mexborough , South Yorkshire and a year-old male in Warminster , Wiltshire. The two were accused of conspiring to commit offenses under the Computer Misuse Act of ; police said that the arrests related to investigations into LulzSec member Kayla.

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Bitcoin is a small beta community in its infancy. You would not stand to get more than pocket change, and the heat you would bring would likely destroy us at this stage. Assange said the WikiLeaks team looked into the matter and agreed with Nakamoto. Consequently deciding against accepting bitcoin donations at such an early date, giving the cryptocurrency more time to mature and establish itself as an alternative method of payment.

WikiLeaks eventually opened up to bitcoin donations in June Bitcoin innovation stretches beyond payments Assange has already spoken in favour of bitcoin on several occasions. Bitcoin's real innovation is a globally verifiable proof publishing at a certain time. The whole system is built on that concept and many other systems can also be built on it.

The notion of corporate personhood with rights equal to or more than human beings was slipped in without much examination. Soon, corporations were granted the rights of personhood under the equal protection clause of the Constitution. The Fourteenth Amendment, which was originally passed to grant rights to former slaves, was now being used to create a new class of personhood that would stand above all people under the Constitution. At the same time, it created a new category of persons with rights: corporations.

In fact, almost all the cases brought to the courts under the fourteenth amendment had to do with corporate rights, and by a century ago, they had determined that these collectivist legal fictions, established and sustained by state power, had the full rights of persons of flesh and blood; in fact, far greater rights, thanks to their scale, immortality, and protections of limited liability.

This was a pivotal moment that can be traced as the beginning of ever-increasing spread of corporate dominance and this took place mostly without the awareness of the people. Over the years, the principle of equality before the law has been effectively diminished and many have been excluded from the circle of We the People. The consolidation of media corporations took over public airwaves and began to filter the flow of information.

With the control of money through a privately owned Federal Reserve and corporate trade agreements such as WTO and NAFTA, bankers and transnational corporations have been imposing regulation and restricting the flow of finance and labor to subvert the sovereignty of whole nations. Now, thanks to WikiLeaks, this blatant takeover of governments and economies by hidden private interests can no longer stay under the radar. This deal was classified and intended to be secret, not only during the negotiation but also for five years after it became law.

It was meant to serve transnational corporations by forcing deregulation of global financial services markets for commercial interests and was promoted by the same governments and central banks that were responsible for creating the global financial crisis 5 years ago. In a nutshell, this proposed global trade agreement is just another tactic for corralling the global population into a new peasant class. Its only purpose is to constrict the free flow of capital by setting centralizing rules to benefit oligarchs under the guise of political representation, by way of fast-track trade authority.

This corporate hijacking of governments and democratic processes nullifies the power of people to guide their own lives. It results in the stagnation of imagination and turns the will toward apathy. Constitution, which over the past decades has been subverted by corporate power. How can we liberate free speech from this corporate propriety and release its true force into the world? Since , the rise of WikiLeaks and politicized youth on the Internet have started to intervene in the expanding imperial power of the corporate state.

This was a revolution of the First Amendment 2. WikiLeaks opened the floodgate of information exposing the underbelly of U. Then came decentralization of identity and relationship with Anonymous and their affinity networks. And with Bitcoin we are now beginning to see the decentralization of finance. In a sense, WikiLeaks was an experiment of free speech with the world as laboratory, testing the hypothesis: What would happen if the First Amendment is really applied to all people?

By making servers run through various countries that have strong source protection laws and bouncing encrypted information through dozens of computers, they created an autonomous zone that would function as a new global Fourth Estate. This encryption technology that secures communication made it possible for this organization to create systems of anonymous drop-boxes, helping those inside a large corrupt organization to step forward and reveal wrongdoing without being exposed.

This way, the worlds first truly transnational publisher crossed borders and challenged the barriers to free speech that exist in a similar way to boundaries in ideas and language that restrict free thought. As WikiLeaks came to prominence, the online collective Anonymous took to the world stage, with Guy Fawkes masks calling truth to power for the oppressed and downtrodden.

In recent years, this international affinity group took on the Church of Scientology and responded to Operation Pillar of Defense, the Israeli military operation in the Gaza Strip. They rallied in support of Chelsea Manning, as well as supporting protests in Tunisia and the Arab Spring movements. With its leaderless anti-celebrity principles, Anonymous de-centers identity defined by ideologies of corporatism and unmasks the psychopathic charm that covers up the heartless exploitation of racism, militarism and classism.

Along with free flow of information and speech, Anonymous reinvigorates free association. By kindling ideals in the heart, they break chains of obedience to the commands of the corporate state and delink patronage networks to free the will of people. This subversive global movement enables and distributes networks of First Amendment direct action, in the spirit of freedom of assembly and voluntary association at a global scale.

While the global uprisings unfolded in , Bitcoin pioneers were slowly building and testing the integrity of the blockchain ecosystem. The idea of Bitcoin was introduced in in a white paper published under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. It was an invention of the revolutionary blockchain technology, namely a network of distributed trust, which is the underpinnings of Bitcoin, the currency. The blockchain technology brings forth the question; what would happen if trust is freed from central authority and the flow of finance is freed from state and corporate control?

With bitcoin you can now send any amount of money to anyone in the world instantly without asking permission. With a simple application on a smart phone, basically everyone can now control their own transactions and become their own bank if they choose to. Those who have experienced this new peer-to-peer payment system have begun to question traditional notions of money and the legitimacy of the current financial system, especially the exorbitant remittance fees and rent-seeking behavior of payment system monopolies.

After all, why pay such high fees for Paypal and Visa when we can transact virtually for free? After its invention in and application in the form of open-source currency in , the people are now able to exercise freedom of expression by creating their own currency to check and balance the power of monotheistic authority of imposed fiat.

Within the blockchain, people around the world can now exercise the First Amendment with the right to freely associate with anyone financially and exchange directly without a third party or unelected authority controlling access and implementing account holds and charge-backs. With all this upheaval of the existing world, how do these critical actors unleash the true revolutionary force of the First Amendment around the world? WikiLeaks and Scientific Journalism WikiLeaks by way of its infrastructure of stateless untraceable whistleblowing open-sourced the principle of free speech, making it possible for silenced and oppressed voices to find their expression.

With their source-driven journalism, they support the equal application of the First Amendment. This publishing organization typically does not solicit and actively seek information. We are an organization that represents what our confidential sources want to say to the world. This organization does not play favorites or target specific groups or governments or discriminate against submissions based on a particular political bias or agenda.

Their job is to simply verify the authenticity of the submitted materials and if it fits the criteria for publication then find a way to best represent and manifest the wishes of the source. Through a platform for publication of leaked documents, WikiLeaks liberates the right to free speech that had been very abused by the U.

Through freeing information for the common people, they counteract interlocking corporate-state led globalization. Their fidelity to the First Amendment far exceeds other journalistic entities. At re:publica14, Harrison, the acting director of Courage Found , described the reason for her courageous act, saying how it was important to create another example of how one can safely tell the truth and participate in the ensuing debate.

As a press for people, WikiLeaks performs the role of adversarial journalism as a watchdog on those in power. WikiLeaks specifically offers an avenue for those voices likely to be persecuted or ignored, making it often the publisher of last resort. They always release the full source material related to a story, whether the story is published by them or someone else. Assange explained : everything we do is like science. It is checkable, independently checkable because the information which has informed our conclusions is there, just like scientific papers which are based on experimental data and must make that experimental data available to other scientists and the public if they want their papers to be published.

When the information that led to a conclusion is made available to the public, people can follow the process themselves and examine the validity of the disclosures and analysis so they can make their own independent conclusions about the material.

This places the role and task of journalists and press as a servant of people rather than purveyors of propaganda spin or shaper of perception. Behind this approach is a premise that we are all equal; no one is above the law and allowed to govern others without their consent. In addressing the issues of redaction, Harrison talked about how through their past publication experience, WikiLeaks learned that the best approach is to start with the premise that the public deserves everything and thus everything should be given to them.

She stated how WikiLeaks holds a view that information itself does not create harm and names of individuals that cause imminent threats of course may need to be redacted. Nevertheless she noted how the organization believes that the public should have access to full source documents in order to see pieces of information in context as each part can change meaning.

She argued how information can empower the public, using an example of a particular German citizen who was mistakenly treated as a terrorist and how he made his own court case to bring justice because of access to such information. Through committing to provide archives, they make journalism a participatory experience in which they do not claim to be the final authority. Rather, WikiLeaks engages people in a collaborative and inclusive process of facilitating the court of public opinion to draw their own conclusions.

With scientific journalism we can now free people from the pretense of authority inherent in the corporate media model and its false creed of objectivity. This empowers people to question authority and discern for themselves the legitimacy of those who claim to represent them. Once this system of check and balance is in place, we can all act as equal participants in a democracy.

This ability to hold those in power accountable creates an option of representation where anyone can check the legitimacy of those who claim to represent them. Whether it is WikiLeaks or another media organization, we can choose for ourselves who we want to grant authority to represent our interests. It makes outer authority not so much a necessity or something to be imposed, but just an option where the public can elect professionals such as journalists, lawyers and politicians to perform the tasks on their behalf.

In the network of Anonymous, there is no center dictating individual or collective action. Through egalitarian and consensus decision-making in Instant Relay Chat IRC rooms, one may freely put forward an idea for an operation. The proposed action is voted on, with totally voluntary engagement, and if enough people step forward, the collective action unfolds. As the term implies, that means rule by sheer doing: Individuals propose actions, others join in or not , and then the Anonymous flag is flown over the result.

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