commercial forex robots
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Commercial forex robots ftse 100 components investing in the stock

Commercial forex robots

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Everything is ready, robots are installed. They all trade one account with different magic numbers so there is no conflict. I know that I use high risk here because the goal of the challenge is to reach 1 Million as soon as possible. Not a bad start, hah! January 21, Wow what a week!

Lets keep rocking guys! January 25, Last week the account was doubled! I have sent my settings to my subscribers. So far so good! January 29, Week 4 is over and our balances has reached 16K which means it tripled! Good news is - we have new Robot in the Army to help us fight for the million. It is called Forex Juggernaut.

Don't forget to read the review. February 6, This week was pretty hard which only proves you must have strong guts to trade forex, guys! First we got huge loss from EB-Blaster when the Euro suddenly dropped from 1. I hope next week will be good. February 10, Forex Nuke phantom is a big disappointment of the week.

It lost nearly 10, Usd in just 4 trades. I am back to 8k. February 11, It seems this week all robots perform unstable, i am reducing the risk otherwise account can get blown away completely. February 12, Here is the email I've got from one of my fellow traders: "What happened? How is it that you were doing so well in the first 4 weeks and then suddenly crashed? I appreciate that you are using aggressive settings, but what is the reason for the sudden reversal of fortune?

The robots are supposed to cope with markets trading in both directions. I would really appreciate your insight on this. Learn on my "mistakes". My USD account first quadrupled at some point equity reached 20k however after 2 bad weeks it returned back to the starting balance. I was not crazy when I used super high risk at the beginning. I am a trader with well over 10 years of experience.

The idea was to show you what robots are capable of. What did I prove? It is truth and it is doable. It can be achieved with the best commercial robots in only 3 weeks of trading! In every case mentioned above, there is a big risk for your deposit to be destroyed, especially in the last two of them because those systems have no updates, support, or guarantee of quality. In other words, it is extremely dangerous to trust them with real money. They can be used only on a demo account for learning purposes.

But there is a big difference in the case of the Forex robot that you can download here. We represent you real commercial EA you can download for free which has live trading statistics, technical support, and updates. Since ForexStore is a big well-known Forex robot marketplace we care about our reputation and give our customers only quality products. The Forex robot for MT5 and 4 that is available for free here is just a special offer from ForexStore which is intended to introduce you to Forex and robo trading.

You get a full version of the commercial Forex robot with all the features of the system included forever. There is no benefit we get by giving you the EA for free. It is just a promotion that is meant to attract more interested Forex people to automated trading.

Benefits of the Forex robots Manual Forex trading is a complicated thing to do that requires years of experience to be a pro. And even pro traders can make mistakes due to different reasons. Even small things like tiredness, hunger, or sickness can affect manual traders since we all human. But it is the opposite if talking about the automated Forex trading systems. Unlike humans, the automated trading system can bring profit even at night or on holidays.

Even the most dedicated Forex trader needs to take a break for eating, sleeping, and other obvious things. On other hand, Forex robots can work continuously with no need for breaks, which opens a large field of possibilities to make more profit with less effort. Faster and more effective work Forex trading requires a fast scan of the market, finding opportunities, and making decisions. That's where Forex EAs take a huge lead over the manual traders.

Automated trading software can do all the operations needed to properly calculate the placement of trade or closing it in just a matter of seconds. But manual traders are likely to take a longer time for the same tasks which can lead to missing profitable opportunities, wasting time making decisions of entering the market, or closing trades.

No human emotions There is a whole bunch of different emotions that humans have to deal with when the risk is high. Greed, fear, anxiety, and a lot of stress can influence the trading decisions of the manual Forex trader which usually leads to loss. Unlike humans, Forex EA operates on a set of pre-determined rules and algorithms which they adhere to no matter what.