royal baby name betting ladbrokes bookmaker
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Royal baby name betting ladbrokes bookmaker big bash betting odds

Royal baby name betting ladbrokes bookmaker

William and Charles also have the middle name Philip, and Philip would be a fitting tribute to the Queen's year-old husband, the Duke of Edinburgh. Thomas, meanwhile, appears several times in Kate's family tree, while Albert has been touted as another popular choice, after Queen Victoria's husband Prince Albert, and the Queen's father George, who was actually called Albert Frederik Arthur George.

William and Kate will likely choose a traditional name Katie Baylis, Betfair spokeswoman, said: "It's the news the world has been waiting for since it was announced this morning that Kate had gone into labour and immediately at Betfair it was the boys' names that punters were desperate to back, with Arthur being the big favourite throughout the morning. In February, Ladbrokes saw a serious gamble on the name Mary in the north-west of England, replacing the favourite, Alice.

Mary is a very traditional name with royal connections. Loading the player What does it take to name a royal baby? Company spokesman Alex Donohue said the public has rushed to put small amounts of money - such as a pound - on the soon-to-be-born-royal infant's name because they "want to be involved. And besides, it's summer. The weather is good. Betting agency Coral described it as the biggest non-sporting betting event in the company's history, with gamblers racing to wager on everything about the new heir to the throne.

But that's not all the public is betting on.

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with children George and Charlotte Baby name betting Some are looking to make big cash, others are in it for the fun and a select few just want to feel a part of the joyous occasion — whatever the reason, betting on the latest royal baby is an extremely popular pastime.

In the hours after the Duchess of Cambridge went into labour, one betting organisaiton took a whopping 50 bets with the big money on Alexandra for a girl and James or George for a boy. Many bookies called it one of the biggest non-sporting betting events in history.

When it comes to baby names, there seems to be a firm belief that the next in line will be named after a former or current member of the royal family. Girls names 1. Royals Betting Tips Betting on the Royal Family can be fun and rewarding — whether you are a seasoned royal watcher or even a republican. But no matter how much you know about the British monarchy — perhaps you need a few last-minute tips before you place your royal wager?

We hope our royals betting tips will give you some sound advice. Shop around to get the best royal baby name odds Read the tabloid gossip columns for the latest juicy royal tidbits Remember history and tradition when doing royal baby names betting Visit the official Royal Family website to get firsthand information and knowledge Being able to predict the decisions of the British monarchy could prove to be a profitable endeavor for budding royal punters.

A combination of good research and solid guesswork is key when wagering on the Royal Family. A Summary of Royals Betting Rules Each royals betting market will have its own rules to bear in mind. Any smart royal gambler should study the terms of a betting market before they place a wager. Subsequent days at Ascot can also sometimes be bet. And as the Queen is unlikely to wear the same colour hat twice, this can give an edge to punters. With royal baby names betting, you are wagering on the first Christian name of the newborn child.

Some bookies give leeway with spelling variations, but royal baby naming tends to be quite traditional — at least for those with a chance to inherit the throne. We know in advance who will be the British monarch well into the future. Here in order are next in line to sit on the throne.

In , she became the first British monarch to reach a Sapphire Jubilee after 65 years on the throne. The Queen is the only person in the UK allowed to drive without a driving licence. Prince William The Duke of Cambridge is second in the line of succession to the throne. William will inherit the throne from his father Charles, or if the Prince of Wales chooses not to become king. Royals Betting: Conclusion Royal family betting is an unpredictable and fun way to gamble on the British monarchy.

From the trivial to the significant, there are all kinds of royal events that you can bet on. So, if you feel like you can predict what will happen at Buckingham Palace, then royals betting could be for you. Take a look at our novelty betting section , to see other unusual betting markets that you can place a wager on. There are awards ceremonies, TV shows and even the weather. FAQ We hope that that you found our royals betting guide as informative as possible.

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions from our users about betting on the Royal Family. This should cover some of most common topics that our readers ask about when they do their royals betting. Our top five royals betting sites are fully licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. We think that our chosen bookies have a great selection of bonuses and promotions for all Royal Family gamblers.

Yes, you can. Royals betting can be a fun way to follow the Windsors.

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May 07,  · The baby is the Queen Elizabeth’s eighth great-grandchild. Well, congrats we must say to the royal family but also, money is on the line right? Yes, bookmakers are . AdBrowse & Discover Thousands of Entertainment Book Titles, for Less. Jul 24,  · Ladbrokes, one of Britain's "The average bet on the baby's name was £," he said. "This is just normal people having a cheeky little bet as royal hysteria sweeps the .