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Bodugi betting trends

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They can choose more runners but then have to pay extra entry fees to cover the permutations. For each winner they find they earn points of 10 times the starting price, for a second place they get 2 times the starting price and 1 times for a third. So you are playing for points. After the last race the player with the most points wins the prize money. First thing to note is that a big priced placed horse can be worth more than a short priced winner. Second point to note is that you don't have to win every race or even make profitable selections, what you have to do is to beat the other players at the table!

The combination of the social betting concept and the free bet attracted recreational players. Getting an account set up was never an issue, but over time withdrawing any winnings was becoming a significant problem for several Bodugi clients. Suspension and Loss of UK Gaming License Reports of slow and no-pays from Bodugi started piling up in early and with angry customers having trouble getting their money out, an investigation was started by the UK Gambling Commission. Having been embarrassed by debacles at both Canbet and Globet, which cost angry players almost a million dollars in losses, the Gambling Commission had to step up and take decisive action on Bodugi.

One of the reasons cited in the loss of license was a failure to respond to the review and work with officials in sorting the mess out. BetButler Acquisition Causes Further Trouble There is nothing worse for a player than waiting for a payout from an online bookie. With its license suspended, Bodugi was forced to explore other options, one of which was the sale of the company to another bookmaker.

However, this relief was short lived. The problem lied with the book where players were sending their funds.

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Dec 10,  · Home › Horse Racing Forum › Bodugi Dave on the Betting Lab. Switch to Community Classic App Directory. Forums. Bodugi is the first social betting game where you can choose to play against your friends, or other Bodugi members, compete for points via a live leaderboard, and chat with other players . is the world's first social betting website. Interact with friends, meet new people, update your status, upload a profile picture, enjoy the banter and win a few bob, all here at .