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Oberbettingen hillesheim rp

The meaning of "Ville" is also disputed. Dittmaier gives three possible explanations: "marshy region", "plain, heath" and "heathland", which would all bring geology and vegetation into harmony. Another proposal sees the name as even older and possibly of Celtic origin. Near Cologne, an altar was found, which was dedicated to Matronae Aufaniae Celtic goddesses which were honoured by flowing water. The thesis that the name "Eifel" was derived from this source is not conclusive, but it is persuasive; Eifel would then mean "land of water" or "watery mountains".

This is evinced by the Buchenloch and Magdalena Caves near Gerolstein. The artifacts from the Magdalena Cave also show that the Eifel was visited by humans even during the height of the last ice age. Near Bitburg there is an iron smelting site in which metal was smelted and worked in an almost industrial manner during the Roman period.

In Roman times, the Eifel was an important economic region. Its mineral resources lead, zinc spar , iron, limestone and stones for construction were mined, and trade benefited from long-distance Roman communication routes such as the Roman road from Trier to Cologne , which crossed the Eifel. This explains the large number of castles, now lying in ruins, which had been built mainly for the purpose of guarding the border. The mining and smelting works, with their demand for pit props and charcoal for smelting , the great demand for construction timber and firewood and the shipbuilding industry which was widespread until the 19th century, led to an almost complete deforestation of the woods.

In fact, around , the Eifel must be imagined as a landscape of meadows and heathland, where animals, especially flocks of sheep, grazed. At the same time, the population was becoming increasingly impoverished because the poor arable land did not yield rich harvests. Even after the decline of mining and smelting operations after the midth century, the situation of the population did not improve.

In addition, the Eifel was a marching route for French troops to all kinds of theatres of war. They demanded " forage money" from the local population, which just caused further impoverishment, as the records of Kottenheim show. Prussian rule began in , but little changed in terms of social conditions: The Eifel, as a poor peripheral region of the empire "Prussian Siberia" , was only of interest for military reasons.

For Prussian officials and officers, mainly Protestants, a posting to the purely Catholic Eifel region was like a punishment sentence. However, the landscape changed as Prussia carried out systematic reforestation, albeit with coniferous trees that were not typical of the region.

It can be said without exaggeration that two thirds of the entire population only enjoy meat once a year. However, due to its border location between the German Empire, Belgium and Luxembourg as march routes to France , many railway lines were built since the foundation of the German Empire , which served military-strategic purposes. This improvement of the transport routes also boosted tourism. The border region of the Eifel was also not spared by the Second World War.

The construction of the Siegfried Line was followed, from September to January , by violent battles and the Ardennes Offensive , especially in the northern Eifel, which still bears witness to the legacy of the war: ruins of old bunkers and parts of tank barriers. The Eifel region was severely hit in the European floods. Economy[ edit ] Much of the Eifel has limited infrastructure and there are almost no large industrial areas.

Only in the Pellenz in the Neuwied Basin is there a stronger industrial presence. Agriculture is restricted to certain valleys and the lower levels particularly in parts of the southern Eifel , the Pre-Eifel and the Maifeld. A large number of farms have been converted into stabling facilities, some of which offer overnight accommodation and horse care for trail riders.

In the Wittlich Basin, tobacco is also grown. However, at high altitudes in the Eifel, only forestry and dairy farming are generally possible. Mining is still carried out in the Eifel region. In Mayen the firm of Rathscheck Schiefer mines roofing slates in the Moselle slate mines of Katzenberg and Margareta, and gypsum in Ralingen on the River Sauer near the border with Luxembourg.

In the South Eifel, especially in the Wehrer Bowl, volcanic carbonic acid is extracted. In many places in the Eifel region, the mining of pumice , basalt and other rocks and minerals has a long tradition. For example, between Daun, Gerolstein and Hillesheim - i. Residents and local authorities affected by the planned expansion as of July have practically no influence over it because it is based on the old mining law.

So by then the Eifel was already an important economic area. Its mineral resources lead , zinc spar , iron , lime and rocks for construction were mined and trade benefited from Roman roads such as the Roman road from Trier to Cologne , which crossed the Eifel. The abundance of timber , which was needed for smelting, and of watercourses, which were indispensable for the preparation and operation of hammer mills and bellows , made it possible for the Eifel to be an important supra-regional economic area even in the late Middle Ages.

It was traded at the markets in Trier and Cologne. The largest bottlers are Gerolsteiner Brunnen and Apollinaris. One of the largest German breweries, Bitburger , has its headquarters and production facilities in Bitburg in the Eifel. The economic importance of tourism has increased since the Second World War ; and it was further encouraged, for example, by the Eifel's designation as a national park the Eifel National Park on 1 January , as well as the natural history infrastructure in the Volcanic Eifel.

Furthermore, the Eifel Park and several maars and lakes are popular tourist destinations. In winter, in some of the highlands, there are opportunities for winter sports, e. Another touristic and geological destination is the German Volcano Road , which links the attractions of the Vulkanland Eifel Geopark. There are also numerous mountains and hills with good viewing points as well as several holiday routes. Hiking tourism is also of considerable economic importance, as is reflected in the increasing number of overnight stays for hiking guests and the progressive expansion of the network of trails.

In addition to the Eifelsteig trail, which was opened in and runs from Aachen to Trier across the Eifel, there is a wide network of themed and circular walks. Charges for extra guests may apply and vary depending on the property's policy. A cash deposit, credit card, or debit card for incidental charges, as well as a government-issued photo ID, may be required at check-in. Special requests are subject to availability at the time of check-in and can't be guaranteed.

Certain requests may come with additional charges. Onsite parties or group events are strictly prohibited. Onsite safety features include a carbon monoxide detector, a fire extinguisher, a smoke detector, and a first aid kit. Charges for extra guests may apply and vary according to property policy.

A cash deposit, credit card, or debit card for incidental charges and government-issued photo identification may be required upon check-in.

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Die Büdden bei Oberbettingen in Hillesheim. Unterhaltungen in der Nähe. Landhaus Müllenborn. Auf dem Sand 45, Gerolstein, Rheinland-Pfalz +49 Jetzt . Σταθμός Oberbettingen-Hillesheim: Κλείστε ενοικιαζόμενα διαμερίσματα για διακοπές online. Πάνω από τουριστικά καταλύματα & διαμερίσματα για διακοπές, όπως Οικίες, . Travel by train from Oberbettingen-Hillesheim to Frankfurt (M) Airport Long-Distance in 3h 17m. Get train times, compare prices & buy cheap train tickets for Oberbettingen-Hillesheim to .