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Kate o sullivan tabcorp betting

This is an out and proud mirror. And what does one do with said mirror? Well, as you read the book it gives instructions. The parent is gently guided in teaching their child. They mention the ears. Indicate the ears. Then instruct the little one to find their own ears using the mirror as a guide.

Ah well. The rest of the title, with its colorful characters, makes up for this lapse. Isabella Kung A playful encapsulation of a wide variety of kittens. When I was growing up I had a six-toed cat that drooled. In this book there is a six-toed cat and there is a drooling cat. I owned that cat once as well. Artist Isabelle Kung offers a plethora of different breeds, and her watercolors do that amazing thing where the feathery nature of the paint suggests fur.

Some do a crummy job of it, stuffing loads of boring text into the margins around the colorful pictures. In this book there are funny pictures and a short sentence that tells precisely one fact about that animal. Fun facts. Yet to my infinite surprise I found that this title sports a mighty clever hook. So what Ilic does here is pair two animals of the same color together. The former is always cool, like a fox or a crocodile, or an octopus.

The animal on the latter side is the same color, and is named, AND gets to make fun sounds. And for board books, that may as well be the golden trifecta. The name of the game here is comparisons of things that are big and are little. No question. There may come a time when they get some of the jokes in this book and feel particularly proud of themselves for getting them at all.

Until then, parents will find a great sense of peace from this unassuming little number. A bite-sized delight. Road Signs Ahead by Toni Buzzeo, ill. Chi Birmingham Caution: Sharp corners below. The book itself, however, fulfills your every sign-related fantasy. Clocking in at an impressive height of 8.

A coffee table board book, if ever I saw one. Colors by Matthew Reinhart, ill. Ekaterina Trukhan Oo. What could be a fairly rote encapsulation of colors takes on a whole new life thanks to a series of clever little pop-up features. There are a load of fun peek-a-boo elements. Expect repeat requests. These books are French imports, right? So how is it that their titles are always pitch perfect for the American market? Perhaps Janik Coat writes them just for us. Previous books in this series have included Hippopposites, Rhymoceros, and Llamaphones but you may find you love Comparrotives a book of adjectives used to compare one noun to another the best.

Coat has this sly sense of humor that serves her well with these books. In this case, the parrot has only one expression, but that hardly matters. Which section is your favorite? Beautiful and fun, we have ourselves a winner. And how delightful to find that this is Steven Weinberg once more. You may know him from his Astronuts series with Jon Scieszka or from his picture books. This year he put out three board books that could be best described as perfect for those kids entranced by machinery.

Of the three books, this one also seems the easiest to read aloud to small fry. Go, dishwasher, go! Look at the covers here for a second. That strange bean-shaped die-cut on the side? The crescent-shaped covers? Are you beginning to get it now? In Fire Truck the goal is to get to the fire as quickly as possible. That means pressing on the horn, poking the button that turns on the alarm, and selecting the button that extends the ladder. Race Car? Same thing except now you have turns to take and fellow drivers to pass.

Can you imagine how much fun it must be to be a parent with these books? You can make all the car driving noises! You can make the fire engine sounds! Man, somebody find me a toddler I can read these books with! SUCH fun titles! Feelings by Xavier Deneux Love these little Deneux board books. In this book a single word is described by a plethora of related terms. Up top are sixteen other words that help to define that word. You might not always agree with the choices but the terms are fun.

My sole objection to the book comes near the end when, for the first time, a term is not defined. They get all kinds of descriptive additional terms. But on the right-hand page sits a single squirrel, a little white tear falling from its eye. A fun book, with the occasional loony decision. Fish by Fish by Giuliano Ferri We talk a lot about French board books and how they so slyly cornered the market.

Much less talk is given over to the Italian board books of the world. This may account for the animated and unquestionably comic if dark nature of good old Fish by Fish here. No doubt you are familiar with the image of a line of fish, each one about to eat the fish in front of it.

Ferri takes the idea but divides the page. The tiniest fish is in the center of the book and with each page turn a larger fish comes to eat it. Each time they are scared away by an even larger fish. An liquid winner. Long story short, I adore board books based on storytime songs. This book does commit a single cardinal sin for which I forgive it, but only barely.

Clearly the art shows the duckies swimming. Whatever the case, the interactive elements, like the moveable tabs, bring this song to life. Grab a fellow storytime presenter and accompany the hand movements with the book. Essentially, you have an image and on its page a little rut and groove has been carved out. Inside that groove is some small circle. The child is able to move that circle in different shapes around the subject matter. So, in the case of 5 Wild Animals my favorite of these two books you move a little circle down the back of a twisty snake.

Next page you move a ball around the mane of a growling lion. No shade on Durley but Carpentier really goes out of her way to fill these pages with high contrast colors and enticing images. Flip Flap Snap! Because it sure as heck feels that way. Flip books AND pop-up books together! It could work! I would have told that person it was impossible.

Fortunately, I was nowhere near this brilliance and now we have the fruits of their dream in hand. Be prepared for rips to the paper comes with the territory and plenty of fun. This book is particularly tricky since it requires so much movement. Then you stand up and do it without the book. Hide-and-Seek by Shasha Lv Board books are tricksy. On the surface they seem like such easy objects to produce.

Shasha Lv uses only three colors in this book: yellow, blue, and white. Just a thought. How Many Beads? Thomas Elliott First and foremost I have to warn you that this book is probably not library safe. It comes with ten rainbow colored wooden beads. These beads are connected on a string thereby keeping them safe from little swallowers , which you can remove and, subsequently, lose. But for the time that you have them, the book does this marvelous job of allowing you to measure different things.

As it says on the cover, there are six scenes to explore and in each one you get to measure, count, and compare. Lots of fun photographs and questions. This is remarkably fun. Valerie Sindelar Anytime you adapt a nursery rhyme or hand rhyme to a board book format, you immediately run into a problem. Mainly, that nursery rhymes and hand rhymes are often too short to really constitute a proper book. This is a pull-tab title, and one of the fascinating things about it is that the song actually starts on the cover.

In any case, consider this your new storytime friend for Baby Lapsit hours. Jungle Night by Sandra Boynton Doggone it. How does she keep doing it? I mean, tell me. A fantastic book, for bedtime or considering the funny bit at the end ANY other time. Stand aside, Seymour Simon! Heck, stand aside William Wegman. These pups have one job: To hide in each scene. And, for whatever reason, I had a devil of a time locating it.

I seriously found myself wondering if it was hiding beneath the fur of one of the dogs at one point. I also suspect that had you matched me against a toddler and asked us both to find it in the picture, the toddler would have blown me out of the water.

Give it all the things. That said, there were a couple elements to this title that caught my eye right from the start. First, there is the size. Not Merriam-Webster. Next, it has the wherewithal to include both illustrations and photographs. Now this was an interesting idea. Basically, you show a scene on the top half of different families doing different activities. And then at the bottom you have photos of real objects.

The end result, of course, is that you can use this book to show a small child the real thing and then ask them to find the drawn one above. A thorough winner from start to finish. Now as any parent would be quick to point out, getting dressed is not a fast prospect when you have a small child. Sometimes the dawdling can get a bit out of hand.

Toddler dawdlers which would be a good name for a picture book, by the way will find a soulmate in Miki. This is a rather clever pull-the-flap board book. Bright colors pop and the book is just a delight for kids. Keep this one in the mix!

Still, let us not besmirch the antics at work in Monster Clothes. Something about these highly amiable monsters makes them ideal for board book formats. I hate to say it, but more monsters please!! Every year I put one of these books on my lists and every year I feel a little twinge of guilt. But why should I? I LOVE with all my heart the art selections in this book. I like the text that accompanies these choices.

I like the amount of pages, the amount of art, and the fact that this book never gets old. You have a parent that wants to show their tykes classic art? Hand them the books in this series first. Pretty much just the best there is. New House by Dave Wheeler All the curiosity, fun, chaos, and clutter that goes on when you move.

The first thing that made me fall in love with this book was the angle of the front cover. However, the letter contained no other details of or reference to the matter of betting price distortions. In his reply dated 11 June , the Minister relevantly wrote: You have raised the issue of possible distortion in betting prices, however you have not provided any details in relation to this matter.

Mr Read did not take the matter up with Dr Mason. When challenged before this Inquiry on his failure to do so, he said that it would have been like Caesar judging Caesar. We consider it more likely that he did not take the matter further for the simple reason that he had no evidence of the alleged distortion to put before QR.

Certainly, IAS did not supply such evidence to this Inquiry. It is hardly surprising that he is continually betting with Gallagher. Nor is it surprising that he seeks to maintain that relationship. As described to us in evidence, the practice between Burn and Gallagher is for Burn, in effect, to give Gallagher the option of accepting a bet in a particular amount, but with Gallagher having the right to decline to take the bet without offering to lay Burn for the minimum amount that Gallagher would otherwise be required to accept under the Local Rules of Racing.

This is consistent with other evidence to the Inquiry about the practicalities of the betting relationship between commission agents and bookmakers, both in Queensland and in other states. This was a reference to reports he had received from Mr Burn about Gallagher refusing to allow Burn on for particular bets. Despite these concerns, which Mr Read said were widespread in the Australian racing industry, IAS never made any general complaint to QR about the perceived distortions, nor did it complain, even to the relevant Betting Supervisor, about the alleged continual refusal of bets.

It emerged that the major premise for the selection of these 18 races was that major bets were placed with Sportingbet by persons who were thought to be betting on behalf of Gallagher. That premise may well have been correct. Based in Rockhampton, he fields regularly at races at the major venues in South-East Queensland. From April , Mr Aspinall was attributed with various statements of concern about the validity of betting odds being posted at racing venues and being broadcast interstate.

His evidence was clear, however, that his statements of concern were not on the basis of personal experience or observation, but reflected rumours he had heard and complaints made to him, particularly by a Melbourne bookmaker, who Aspinall suggested should raise his concerns with QR. In a written statement to the Inquiry, Mr Conway said: During telephone conversations in April and May, Aspinall made reference to price manipulation by bookmakers in the Brisbane and Ipswich betting rings.

Early in this matter was discussed with the integrity officer at QR [Dr Mason] who said this matter, and the matter of illegal drug use, had been under investigation for some time and for QR to show their hand before evidence was collected may result in the suspects going to ground Mr Aspinall denied ever having sat with the Minister on such a plane trip, and had no recollection at all of the discussion suggested by Mr Read.

He also had no recollection of any discussion with Mr Read about distortions in pricing on the tracks in Brisbane. Mr Sullivan said that Aspinall had discussed the issue of price manipulation on several occasions, at the races over the Stradbroke Cup period and at Brisbane Airport.

Mr Aspinall had no recollection of any such discussions, and stated that he definitely had not had any in-depth discussion with Sullivan about the so-called inflated odds. Mr Aspinall gave evidence on two occasions in the public hearings, and on each occasion expressly disavowed any observation or other knowledge of price manipulation.

Between 13 and 24 November , repeated advertisements were placed by the Inquiry in the local and national print media and in racing magazines, and were broadcast on Radio 4TAB. As illustrated in Appendix 4, these advertisements spelt out the Terms of Reference, and called for evidence and submissions concerning the subject matter of the Terms of Reference to be provided by 26 November A number of written submissions concerning Term of Reference 1 were received, and these are detailed on page Despite the relatively widespread publicity surrounding the Inquiry, there was a marked absence of information volunteered by the interested public.

This information was attributed to an unnamed legal practitioner. In truth, the Inquiry had received no such information. The silence in response to that call was profound. Mr Sullivan explained that the fluctuations are those published by the APN. Sportingbet conducts its operations at the Fanny Bay Racecourse in Darwin. Mr Sullivan said that Sportingbet relies on the accuracy of price fluctuations transmitted by the APN.

In , it changed its name to the APN. This enables bookmakers at those remote venues to bet on races at the track of origin. The system involves an operator in the betting ring utilising a device called a price assessor terminal PAT.

The PAT is a lightweight hand-held device. The operator uses the PAT to transmit the opening price for each horse in a particular race. The price fluctuations are also transmitted during the progress of betting. The guidelines for price assessors are reproduced in Appendix 5. The guidelines for the assessment of price fluctuations depend on the number of bookmakers fielding at the race meeting.

The Betting Steward from New South Wales, Mr Griffin, gave evidence before the Inquiry and explained that there was a modification to the guidelines in the Sydney metropolitan rings. He explained that, in Sydney, the price assessor would look at the six highest-holding bookmakers and would send away the price if shown by three of those bookmakers. However, that guideline was subject to a slight variation whereby the price of two of the six highest holders and any three other bookmakers would be accepted as a fluctuation.

Mr Griffin explained that the reason for using the prices of the highestholding bookmakers was that the smaller bookmakers sometimes put up a slightly higher price and he considered that the prices offered by the larger bookmakers were a better guide. The fluctuation would then be transmitted to all users receiving the information that day. If the price change was outside operational guidelines, the PAT operator would receive a query. In those circumstances, fluctuations would only be transmitted if the PAT operator confirmed that the fluctuation was correct.

The demonstration that was helpfully provided by Mr Robinson showed that the transmission of fluctuations was disseminated in less than one second. The prevailing tote prices are also displayed on those screens. So far as is relevant, s. The element of dishonesty requires the prosecution to establish that what the defendant did was dishonest by the standards of ordinary honest people and that the defendant realised that what he or she did was dishonest by those standards.

Section of the Criminal Code provides: Conspiracy to defraud 1 Any person who conspires with another by deceit or any fraudulent means to affect the market price of anything publicly sold, or to defraud the public, or any person, whether a particular person or not, or to extort any property from any person, is guilty of a crime, and is liable to imprisonment for 7 years.

In addition, if the bookmaker placed bets himself or by an agent with other bookmakers at top fluctuation or at fixed odds while the artificially inflated price was shown on the APN, that might but not must indicate fraudulent conduct. If, for example, a bookmaker was fielding at a venue where he was one of only two bookmakers, and that bookmaker displayed a particular horse at odds of 50—1, and placed a large bet on it with another bookmaker at top fluctuation or while the odds were displayed at that price by the APN, there is a possibility that a fraud was committed.

It would not necessarily matter that the bet was placed interstate because s. It was not suggested by Counsel Assisting or any other party that there was sufficient evidence to establish the commission of fraud or conspiracy to defraud against any person. The proof of any such offence would be extremely difficult in the current context. The rules governing bookmakers are contained in the Rules of Racing.

These rules are the Local Rules LR. The relevant Local Rules relating to bookmakers are set out in Appendix 6. Not surprisingly, the rules do not specify the manner in which bookmakers frame their markets. The prices offered by bookmakers are very much a matter of opinion and are subject to wide variation.

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