meeting places between 2 points
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Meeting places between 2 points

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Need a hotel for your trip? We can help with that too. Just enter your starting point and final destination with hotel as your point of interest. MeetWays will show you all the hotels in the area along with reviews, driving directions, distance, and travel time.

What would be the halfway point between? Figuring out what would be the halfway between two locations is easy. Just enter the two addresses in our app above and we will find the midpoint that is halfway between for you. Add a point of interest if you want to meet at a specific type of location. Do you have an app for iPhone or Android? We are working on an app but right now our website is fully mobile ready and will work on any cell phone.

If you use MeetWays often, we recommend bookmarking it or saving it as a shortcut on your phone homescreen. What does it mean to meet halfway? Meeting halfway means never having to drive more than your fair share, waste hours in the car, or feel like its too far to meet up with an old friend.

It also means being more efficient when your working by cutting down on driving time, planning more fun road trips with the perfect stopping points along your, and discovering new places. It also could mean compromising and meeting someone in the middle emotionally, but we mostly focus on getting out and about.

Can I email driving directions to a friend or colleague with our halfway point? Once you choose a place to meet at the midpoint, you can use the share bar at the top to email those directions to someone. How can I find the halfway mark between two locations?

We will then calculate the halfway mark for you along with driving, walking, or transit directions. Do you have a driving calculator? We do. How do I find the midpoint between two locations for driving? Just enter the two starting locations and use our app to either find the middle point or to find a point of interest at the midpoint between the two spots. Is it possible to find the middle point between two cities? Click on our Journey Planner tab for more options when planning long trips.

TIP: Select 'Enter Keyword s ' from the venue type dropdown and enter your own search criteria to find somewhere specific. Enter somewhere that you know is on that route and the map will adjust the directions. Add more stops and we'll split the journey into more equal sections. Just choose the type of venue for each stop. Tip: You can add and amend all these options later. Arranging a suitable meeting place for multiple people can be difficult Use our Meeting Planner to find a venue in the middle of everyone.

Simply enter each person's location and we'll find the most central point to meet up.

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