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Crypto hackathon 2018

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The Blockchain Hackathon set to take place at the Malta Blockchain Summit between the 31st of October to the 2nd of November, is a unique opportunity for blockchain developers or students who are looking to get ahead. Apart from the 50, EUR prize awarded to the winning team of the coding competition, Hackathon teams will be provided with invaluable networking opportunities among the C-level delegates attending the conference.

With high-profile characters like the co-inventor of blockchain technology, W. Scott Stornetta, PhD, present at the summit, this Hackathon provides a once in-a-lifetime opportunity to network with the blockchain elite. Participants can apply either as individuals or as teams. In the case of individual applications, the candidates will be grouped together with other individual applicants or with incomplete teams. How can Blockchain technology push mobility to the next level? With vehicles becoming fully autonomous, security, legal and administrative challenges need to be solved.

In what way can Blockchain technology help? Read more Think for example of the following possible scenarios: Car2X communication: How should cars communicate with the environment and peer cars? How can an open distributed ledger help by saving and sharing information between cars like location, speed, direction etc. Autonomous, self-administrating trucks: once the truck is autonomous it will need to have its own digital identity and an eWallet: It will perform micro- payments for fueling, charging, toll etc.

But how can the truck decide which business partner is trustable? And when it comes to platooning, how can trucks find a platoon and how can we make sure that benefits in terms of fuel savings are allocated fairly among platooning partners? How can blockchain technology help? The number of investors at the beginning of the distribution is typically undefined and could be large up to We want to automate the process of receivables financing i.

Which new ways of producing, collaborating and organizing value creation will blockchain technology make possible?

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Hackathon+Data+Crypto =CryptoDatathon. Outcomes Monitoring cryptocurrencies Twittersphere link Spin-off project - CryptoQuantNews Video. WHEN / JUNE . crypto_hackathon. cchopade. Source. Created: Updated: jupyter notebook. Coinberg Cryptocurrency Hackathon Bitcoin Fear & Greed . This hackathon challenges hackers, designers, and idea generators to create immersive projects using the blockchain and/or cryptocurrency technologies. Develop the next generation of .