usain bolt 40 yard dash
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Usain bolt 40 yard dash

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Usain Bolt has flattered with other sports before, saying he'd be up for a tryout with some Premiere League teams and receiving some interest from football teams, too. An Ohio State assistant jokingly tried to recruit Bolt on Twitter following his most-recent m victory. A popular topic among football fans is this: how fast could Bolt run the yard dash, the popular speed measuring tool for those in the NFL?

Johnson, a former high school track star, has a personal best in the m dash of Bolt has never been a great starter and doesn't have elite reaction time though reaction time doesn't matter in a yard dash as the clock doesn't start until you start running.

FreeLap estimates Bolt's yard dash time would probably be in the 4. Adding 0. While it hard to know what the true reaction time of the timer is, conservative estimate is about 4. If the timing was completely hand time, meaning a stop watch, removing the accepted 0. All of this is accepting that the same fast track surface, spikes, and blocks are used. The rules of the sporting event will create some interpretation between what their performance time race results and their actually running speeds during the race when compared to combine testing.

The most obvious difference to track coaches but is often missed by some notable strength coaches when comparing the first part of the m to the 40 yard dash. That difference between combine testing and the meters is the reaction time.

The reaction time is the period between when the starting gun goes off and when the athlete first initiates movement. This period of time is added to the entire running of the meters and the first man to cross wins. The Olympic Games and other major tack meets, even high school competitions now use what is called fully automatic timing FAT , be it a camera or some sort of sensor to accurately get times of the event.

To remind you, the timing equipment will time the event from when to gun goes off to when the athletes cross the finish line. This means all times in track and field include reaction times. The 40 yard dash includes just the running, with no reaction time including in the performance test. So to compare fairly, one should subtract reaction times from the sprinters in track and review their running speeds to 40 yard dash running times, provided that the methods and equipment used to time are the same.

Timing is a combination of technology and methodology, and different equipment and approaches will produce different times, even if the athlete is running the exact same speed and distance. Many athletes are often disappointed when they run a 40 yard dash for the first time and see a time much slower than the soon to be NFL athletes, and that is for many reasons.

One is the most obvious, an athlete preparing for the NFL draft is not only one of the best athletes in the world, they are supported by an agent investing into preparation for the 40 yard dash with coaches, nutrition, recovery techniques, and just practicing the test. They may not be faster on the field, but practicing tests such as the SAT will improve the scores, not make you smarter, or in this case faster. Technique in the 40 is about learning to put your body in a position to accelerate efficiently from a crouched position called a three point start, something not often is repeated in the game, especially with many of the skill positions are standing.

Another reason athletes in the NFL combine are performing faster in general is the way they time. Mentioned earlier, fully automatic timing in track and field starts capturing the duration of the race from the starting gun going off until the athletes chest passes through the line.

The NFL combine uses a person, Mark Gorsack, to be specific, to estimate the first movement of the athlete and then using the timing gates to get the splits, each 10 yard segment, and the cessation of the test at the 40 yard mark. The 40 yard dash uses a human that is reacting to when the athlete starts, thus not starting when they move, but when the starter reacts to their movement.

To clarify, the NFL combine uses a human start, imperfect and not repeatable, to initiate the recording of the time, thus subtracting a reaction time of the starter from the running performance. When athletes get hand timed using a stop watch for both start and finish from a high school or middle school coach, they are benefiting from two moments that are about a tenth of a second off, resulting in about.

You can see why a high school athlete looking to get recruited from a college experiences a rude awakening when the local performance facility uses electronic timing for both start and finish, with times appearing much slower. So many times football players think they are at the level Chris Johnson is, but wind up closer to Tom Brady speed.

Types of Electronic Timing When electronic timing is mentioned, the general public assumes that a universal standard of measurement exists since all equipment is the same. This is not the case. First movement is technically very subtle, as the true definition is down to the fraction of an inch or even less than a millimeter.

Soon as the hand moves, common with most starting positions, the timing is triggered and the athlete is on the clock. Another option is having the beam or light sensor close to the line, and when the athlete passes the timing gate it signals to the display or computer that clock is running as well. Having different options of triggering the initiation of timing means that different equipment yields different times. With the use of high speed film and starting blocks with sensors, world class track and field has arguably the most precise and accurate timing available.

The scientific research project captured the entire race, and the data really illustrates how fast how fast bolt was running the race through every step. The red line is the average speed to smooth out the running velocity vertical over the m dash horizontal. What you see is a steep curve flatting out around meters and then slowing down slightly from meters, the most common pattern with elite sprinters. I explained earlier that I would share why we needed to talk about the need to elaborate more about the previous rounds and the race itself to understand fatigue in the event, since a comparison between the 40 yard dash and m requires some important factors and details.

Current sprinters must have a complete race to be competitive. In the past some would be great starters or finishers, but now everyone is more well-rounded. In Michael Green, another Jamaican, ran 3. Not only was his total time faster, but his reaction time was 0. Subtracting his reaction time, Greene his run was 3. At 40m Bolt past Greene considerably, and by 50 meters it was not even close. Figure 2: Estimated Splits of Usain Bolt at 30m, 40 yards, and 40m with Reaction Times Looking at the same graph with a dimmed background of the distance past When people talk about fast athletes, the specifics should explain what type of speed the athlete has.

Speed can be maximal, their ability to accelerate or overcome inertia, or their ability to even decelerate and accelerate again change of direction. Some athletes have one or two strengths and are average in one, but some excel in all three abilities. In Track usually the fastest athletes win the races, but at high levels the genetic playing field is rather even, so all components of the race distance, including specific speed endurance at the end comes to play. While an NFL athlete may sometimes run the length of a field in rare occasions, track athletes always run the length of the race barring injury or false starting.

Time, energy, and focus is on not only the , so it should be noted that track athletes are excelling in a distance that is part of their race, no the entirety of a test.

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May 19,  · According to the NFL's official website, the fastest ever yard dash in the sport's history was posted by John Ross, who gobbled up the distance in a time of . FreeLap estimates Bolt's yard dash time would probably be in the range, though a sub time is possible. Adding to the time segment to get a 40 yard dash running. Usain Bolt is the world’s fastest man and proved it again at the Super Bowl. Bolt ran the yard dash in an incredible seconds, which is even more impressive when you consider .