breeders cup betting scandal
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Breeders cup betting scandal

DaSilva bet a Pick 4 at Balmoral Park and after the first two races, Harn logged into the system and altered the ticket to include the first two winners and all the horses in the remaining two contests. They were now ready for the big one. Harn had Davis open an account at the Catskill O. Harn had Breeders' Cup Saturday off but came into the office to log in and "adjust" the ticket that was previously made that morning by Davis.

The geniuses now owned a ticket that had singled the first four winners, which included two longshots and had all the horses in the fields concerning the last two contests, ensuring a sure piece of the giant payoff Pick 6 pool. Due to the longshots in the sequence, there was only one winning ticket on earth and these bozos now had the attention of the entire world. But the N. State Racing and Wagering Board demanded an immediate investigation, the money was frozen and there was no shortage of red flags for investigators.

There were records of phone calls between the three during the time of the scheme and Harn couldn't explain why he had to come into work to log into the system on his day off. The structure of the ticket also didn't make sense as singling the first four winners and then taking all the remaining horses in the final two-legs just isn't a normal wager. Harn and Davis decided their only option was to claim the ticket was legitimate.

The longest sentence, three years and one month, was given to Derrick Davis. DaSilva said he had no knowledge of the Breeders' Cup scheme but admitted to collaborating with Harn on two earlier fraudulent phone bets made on a Pick Four at Balmoral Park in Crete on Oct. But, fearing that DaSilva's continued winning of exotic phone bets might evoke suspicion, he contacted Davis, their Drexel University fraternity brother, and--unbeknownst to DaSilva--used Davis as the accomplice in the Breeders' Cup scheme.

The scheme involved using every horse in the last two races on the tickets but only single horses in the four earlier races. What made it successful was Harn's discovery of a loophole in the system, enabling him to use his Autotote computer to alter the numbers of the first four races--making them conform to the winners--before the bets were transmitted to the track.

When Volponi unexpectedly won the last leg at enormous odds, Davis was the only holder of winning tickets, making him the focal point of attention. And the bizzare nature of his betting strategy made him the immmediate target of an investigation. The Drexel connection was established within a few days and Harn subsequently confessed not only to the fraudulent Pick Four, Pick Six and Ultra Pick Six bets at Balmoral, Belmont and Arlington but to another scheme as well.

Earlier he had used Da Silva as an accomplice in cashing bogus Autotote replicas of uncashed winning tickets worth thousands of dollars at several tracks on the East Coast. Prosecutor Stanley Okula said there was enough evidence available to make a case without Harn's confession but stressed that "he assisted us a great deal in bringing it to a conclusion much sooner. All three of the years-olds have been free on bail.

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It is his victory that most people remember. Tiznow had some physical problems after his win but came to the track strong. Ghostzapper, Despite never running at that distance, Ghostzapper impressed fans by not only winning the race but setting a speed record. He managed to set a final time of Since every Cup is at a different track there is no official record.

At this point in her career, she had a perfect run and despite falling behind early in the race she quickly picked up distance and ended up winning by a length over second place. American Pharoah, American Pharoah is the newest winner on our list and this is because he helped to popularize a whole term in horse racing.

He is the first horse to complete the Grand Slam of Thoroughbred racing. Is any wager safe? What kind of long-term damage will it do? But it's obviously what everyone is talking about right now. It offers the biggest payoffs -- often in the six-figure range -- but is extremely difficult to hit. What initially raised suspicions about Davis was that he had multiple winning tickets, which is unusual for a pick six.

In addition, the way all six tickets were structured raised concerns. On each ticket, Davis used one horse in the first four races of the pick six. In the last two races, he used every horse in the field in both races. Investigators believe Davis placed the bets through his phone account. Then at some point before the running of the fifth race of the sequence, Davis' ticket was altered to change the winners of the first four races to the horses that had won.

Doing that would require someone at the tote company -- in this case, Autotote -- to go into the system and make the changes. That person would have to have a password. According to investigators, Harn had a password and access to the system. But the nature of how pick six wagers are handled by racetracks made this particular bet vulnerable.

Arlington was the host track for the Breeders' Cup, but it accepted wagers from simulcast outlets all over the world. On most wagers, the outlets transmit wagering information to the host track immediately after a race starts.

On the pick six, the amount of money wagered and the number of horses used is transmitted just after post time of the first race of the sequence. But the actual combinations of horses used on the tickets are not sent until just after post time of the fifth race. But pulling off such a feat would require someone with knowledge of the tote system, the ability to manipulate the system at one of the tote companies and an OTB parlor with vulnerable security. Most phone betting services have audio recordings of every bet placed over the phone, but Catskill OTB does not.

But without a recording, there is no way to know the original bet. Little did anyone know at the time that without Volponi's victory, the scandal might have never come to light. But when only one person had all six winning tickets, "it raised a red flag immediately," according to the NTRA source.