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Ex jockey tipsters betting get started mining bitcoins

Ex jockey tipsters betting

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Following proven and profitable smart betting strategies is the way of betting that I want to promote. What is a horse racing tipster? These days almost anybody can be a horse racing tipster who is offering betting advice, suggestions, and tips for horse racing events. Most tipsters start their activity by offering free advice on free platforms.

Sadly, most of them are just motivated horse racing fans, hopefully with substantial experience and knowledge about horses and jockeys. The success and profitability of a tipster can be determined by the return on investment ROI , which is the most accurate indicator of success. Are horse racing tipsters legit? Not every horse racing tipster site and tipster is legit and predictable.

But you can find some profitable tipsters, and if they can prove that their betting history is extended enough, they can be legit, and their betting performance can be predictable in the long run. The main problem with being a tipster is that anybody can claim to be a professional in giving betting advice. The only thing a motivated horse racing fan needs to become a tipster is to set up an account at some tipster sites or make a well-designed website. Making social media accounts and paying for some ads can already put you on the map as a horse racing tipster.

We all have seen these kinds of tipsters or scammers who are willing to say and make proof about anything to get your trust and money. Want to figure out how to find trustworthy tipsters? Read my article about the best basketball prediction site. On the other hand, you can find some really experienced and skilled tipsters who can bring a real difference to your betting results.

If you want to find legit horse racing tipsters, you need to check the following points: How long is their betting history? Those proofs are very easy to edit from fake photos. Even social media comments are not enough for trustworthy proof.

You can easily pay someone to get these dummy comments. I think that the best way to get credible proof about a service is by researching in forums, blogs, Facebook, and Reddit groups that are not related to them. For example: Recently I found some comments about Blogabet, which is a service you have probably already heard of.

They are giving the interface for tipsters for displaying their picks. If the tipster is successful, the number of followers is higher. This results in a faster drop of the odds on the picks. Even if you have automatic bet placement, the chance of catching every bet on the same odds is not too high.

Run by a chap called Michael Carr, Back Lucrative have been tipping since and are one of the most respected names in the business. Michael at Back Lucrative is constantly innovating and has set up a number of spin-off services. Two of those are Flat Flyers and Hidden Winners.

We ran live trials of both and Hidden Winners in particular did well, amassing 61 points profit at advised prices. Always Back Winners We like a service with a catchy name and this one gets straight to the point! Always Back Winners is a service that has been running since and focuses on flat racing, both on the turf and all-weather. Since our trial was completed they have continued to churn out the profits, with another points profit added to date.

Certainly Always Back Winners merits being ranked up there as one of the top racing tipsters out there. Racing Consultants One of the first tipsters we reviewed here on this site back in was a service called Racing Consultants. Since that time it has continued to go from strength to strength and the total profits now stand at over 1, points. That puts it up there in an elite band of tipsters. The tips are provided by Rory Delargy, who racing enthusiasts may know from the Irish Daily Star where he is a writer, or from Timeform Radio and William Hill Racing Radio where he has been a commentator.

Another tipster, David Massey, used to also be involved in providing tips but it has been just Rory since and the results have remained just as good, if not better, with him as the sole tipster. All the selections come with detailed write-ups and you can see that Rory really knows his stuff and spends many hours on form study. It has clearly paid off for him and makes Racing Consultants one of the premier tipsters out there.

That may change now that racing is being legalised in many US states, but for the time being there is something of a dearth of them. However, we have managed to find one that stands out and that is a service known as the USA Racing Tipster. We have been following the tips for a number of years now and can vouch that it is a top quality tipping service. For our live trial it has made just over 90 points profit to date.

Those ROI figures are some of the highest we have come across in any sport, not just horse racing. That is over a nearly three-year period so is clearly no fluke either. Sometimes in life — and particularly in tipping — people can become victims of their own success and that has unfortunately been the case here to some extent. Prices tend to get hammered after being sent out as members rush to grab the odds, meaning it is tough to match the advised prices.

A good spread of bookmaker accounts is vital if you want to follow this service, as well as the ability to act very quickly once tips are sent out. Racing Intelligence Coming in next in our rankings is a service that is a little different to most of the other tipsters on this list and that is Racing Intelligence.

This insider gets to see where the smart money is being placed and then passes that information on to members. Looking at the long-term results they compare with the very best, with over points profit made at advised prices if backing each-way and points profit at Betfair SP.

It has also been very consistent, regularly making over points profit per year. With top quality results like these then, Racing Intelligence might go about things a little differently to other services on this list, but it should not be overlooked if you are looking for one of the best horse racing tipsters out there. To put your name down on a waiting list should places become available, please email Matthew Walton direct at matthew matthewwalton.

Run by a chap called Nicky Doyle, the service has been running since and the total returns stand at just over points profit. It is actually possible to beat the advised prices as they tend to quote generally available prices rather than best price, which is not something all tipsters do. That works out at points profit per year on average. He has managed to make at least 60 points profit each year since he started tipping, with his best year being when he racked up a mind-boggling points profit.

Last year he made points profit which was an excellent effort. What one has to bear in mind with Mr Taylor is that the vast majority of his tips are one point win bets, with the occasional one point each-way bet. So there is no crazy staking system to make the results seem better than they actually are. There are generally just one or two bets per day as well, so we are not talking about a service that requires a huge turnover to generate its profit either. This is quite simply just a well-oiled value-finding machine.

In fact he has an archive of 6 months worth of races stored on DVD — so no shortcuts to success for Mr Taylor it seems! Laurence Lambourn He may look slightly sinister in this photo, but rest assured that Laurence Lambourn is a renowned and highly respected tipster — and seems like a thoroughly decent chap in all the correspondence we have had with him.

A former senior computer operator with Lloyds TSB, Laurence turned to professional gambling about 20 years ago. In , the tipping service was switched to a performance-based service as quite simply the tips had become too popular and it was virtually impossible to make a profit. The idea of the performance based subscription was to split subscribers into two smaller groups — one that would receive tips on a daily basis or most days anyway and the other just on weekends and during festivals, where prices would hold up better.

Not bad going for a few minutes work each day. Such excellence does come at a price though. And if you want to join the service, you have to go on a waiting list as it is currently full. Places do become available, but you normally have to wait a good few months. For consistently excellent results over a hugely long period — getting on for 13 years now — there is nothing to quite rival the achievements of Equine Investments.

Secrets of his success: In the highly educational Thoughts and Secrets of Successful Punters , Laurence says he uses the Racing Systems Builder database to generate his positive and negative factors about horses, which he then uses to get the shape of a race. Like Hugh Taylor, Laurence spends hours studying videos of past races. Perhaps try and come up with prices for your fancies and stick with them. Tom Segal No account of the top racing tipsters in the game would be complete without mention of Tom Segal, aka Pricewise from the Racing Post.

Gaining his education at the same school as our editor in chief Dan a coincidence you may ask? As soon as the tips are released, prices crash to a fraction of their advised level, particularly on long shots. It is also arguably a tougher job that Segal has than most other tipsters as he is expected to tip in the big races as part of his job in the Racing Post to satisfy punter demand, so does not necessarily have free reign to select only the races he wants to tip in.

So for Gosden to be running it is a tip in itself. Steve Lewis Hamilton Another name synonymous with horse racing tipping is Steve Lewis Hamilton , who is one of the old pros who has been around the game for many years and has established a deserved reputation as an honest, successful professional punter.

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