list of ethereum vulnerability exploits
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List of ethereum vulnerability exploits action network app

List of ethereum vulnerability exploits

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In the case of Meter, their modifications to the ChainBridge code introduced a bug in the automatic wrap and unwrap of native tokens like BNB and ETH, which created an opening for a hacker to exploit. According to another developer, the attacker also kept 40, ETH on Solana, where they have been selling for other assets.

The project took preventive measures to stop further damage. The Contract was subsequently executed 26 times. This is the sequence of events. A security researcher from venture capital firm Paradigm, known on Twitter as Samczsun, has managed to save SushiSwap and its Miso platform from a potential loss of as much as , Ether ETH.

The network was halted by nodes and patched. Swaps were re-enabled 6 hours later. The incident was due to a bug that allows the attacker to withdraw funds without burning any shares. While it appears to be a flashloan attack, it is a flashswap-assisted one.

Flash loans are blockchain-based loans where large amounts of tokens are borrowed, used for some purpose and repaid — all in the same transaction. The attacker has returned the BNT. All funds have been recovered with zero losses. Merlin Lab, another fork of PancakeBunny , was attacked in a similar fashion to the Bunny and the Autoshark hack. DeFi protocols are becoming much more vulnerable to attackers exploiting the BSC platform.

This ordeal resulted in the loss of user deposits. But on-chain data shows it may not be as simple as that. This practice is also followed by other projects such as Monero , ZCash and Bitcoin. Public transparency As of November , our policy going forward is: If we silently fix a vulnerability and include the fix in release X, then, After weeks, we will disclose that X contained a security-fix.

After an additional weeks, we will publish the details about the vulnerability. We hope that this provides sufficient balance between transparency versus the need for secrecy, and aids node operators and downstream projects in keeping up to date with what versions to run on their infrastructure.

In keeping with this policy, we have taken inspiration from Solidity bug disclosure - see below. As of geth version 1. The file itself is hosted in the Github repository, on the gh-pages-branch. The list was started in November , and covers mainly v1. The JSON file of known vulnerabilities below is a list of objects, one for each vulnerability, with the following keys: name Unique name given to the vulnerability.

Takes into account the severity of impact and likelihood of exploitation. If the check matches, the node is with a high likelyhood affected by the vulnerability.

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