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Nba betting lines covers

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In the Celtics' case, everything about their statistical profile and roster suggests it was not, but there was a second question worth pondering, namely, will they be satisfied coming into next season or will they be hungrier than ever having come so close to the ultimate goal?

While the Atlanta Hawks of last season were a prime example of the former, the Boston Celtics — and Jayson Tatum in particular — have come out of the gates in like a house on fire. Malcolm Brogdon has fit hand in glove and the tertiary players like Derrick White and Grant Williams are all playing like they have something to prove.

The only thing that might be scarier is the MVP-level start that Jayson Tatum — traditionally a slow starter — is off to. Tatum is averaging His struggles in the NBA Finals seem to have driven him to reach into a new well of untapped potential, one that could see him ascend from a Top player to one of the league's five best. The Bulls, on the other hand, are trending in the other direction. While a spirited opening night win against the Miami Heat raised temporary optimism, that optimism has now been tempered by a close loss to the Washington Wizards, followed by getting blown off the court by the Cleveland Cavaliers sans Darius Garland.

Lonzo Ball remains out and now Zach LaVine is once again missing games for knee injury management, and the plan appears to be that he will no longer play in back-to-backs going forward. It is more common to bet on the point spread in basketball, but moneylines are more popular for baseball and hockey betting.

Even a bad team can get hot from three and beat one of the better teams any given night. Tread carefully when considering betting on big moneyline favorites, especially if it is against a volatile team that takes a lot of threes. If you bet Under on a game total of , you want the combined score of both teams to be less than ex: This is true for point-spread and moneyline betting as well.

NBA teams often have late scratches that can dramatically affect lines and point totals. With a million other things going on for sportsbooks, it is crucial to stay on your toes and beat oddsmakers to the punch before they adjust to news. Vigorish vig or Juice — The vig or juice is how sportsbooks profit, taking a cut from sports bettors when they place their bets.

Taking into account the vigorish, you need to win not half of your bets but at least NBA Betting Tips: While is most common, some sportsbooks will try to charge more, making it very difficult for bettors to profit long term. Always look at the vig. This is why it is so important to use an odds comparison tool. By visiting this page, you can easily find which sportsbooks are charging the least amount for your NBA betting picks.

You have a four-team parlay, and only one pick loses? Tough luck, you lose the entire bet. The larger payouts in parlay bets are typically what attracts bettors. Two-team parlays usually pay 2. Use our parlay calculator for your convenience. In a parlay, you have to hit all of your picks, making it even more difficult to win.

Teasers — Like a parlay, teasers require more than one pick, and all picks in your teaser must hit. Bettors like teasers because it is a way to move multiple point spreads or totals to their advantage. Live Betting in-game — Live betting, or in-game wagering, occurs after a game starts. Did you stay at work late and forget to place your bet before tip-off? Most US sportsbooks will have live lines available for you to bet on while the game is still in progress. A team can easily be up by 20 points in the first half and end up losing.

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AdFind Deals on nba panini in Sports Fan Shop on has been visited by 1M+ users in the past month. Oct 17,  · Another NBA season tips off Tuesday and last year’s Finals competitors—who also own the best odds to win the title—are both in action. The Celtics, with coach Joe . Oct 22,  · Odds in the NBA are set based on what sportsbooks feel is the closest way to handicap the bet so that it is a 50/50 toss-up. Then, the book sets standard odds at , .